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January 30, 2020

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If your business involves the use of wafers, then you understand how important it is to only source them from high-quality silicon manufacturing. The quality of your wafer dictates the performance of your products. Doing quality control and inspection also plays an important role in making sure that only good products reach customers. In this article we will discuss to you the common silicon manufacturing mistakes to avoid:

What are types of Silicon Manufacturing?

What are the Common Silicon Manufacturing Mistakes to Avoid?

Using Substandard Equipment

Using substandard or outdated equipment for silicon manufacturing can compromise the quality of the wafers. So, make sure to get silicon wafers from a silicon manufacturer who uses updated equipment that passed the quality standard inspection. This helps make sure that the wafers you source are of premium quality.

Incomplete Inspection Checklist

Every silicon manufacturing should have a complete inspection checklist to make sure that all facets of inspection are carried out accordingly. A list also helps make sure that nothing is missed. A detailed checklist of wafer specifications also helps make sure that the inspector can properly examine the wafers and check if they meet the standard requirement for it to be considered a good product.

Failing to Identify and Classify Defects

Identifying and classifying defects as major or minor is important to be able to analyze what to do with it next. Wafers with minor defects that can still be reversed should be separated from wafers with major defects. This is why it’s important to define what minor and major defects are in the first place.

Failing to Perform Inspection and Quality Control Before, During, and After Silicon Wafer Manufacturing

It’s important to conduct inspections before, during, and after silicon manufacturing to guarantee minimal defects. Before wafer processing begins, wafer manufacturers need to make sure that the raw materials to be used are of good quality, the equipment and machinery should also be inspected. During wafer manufacturing, wafers should also be randomly tested out.

what is silicon manufacturing?

High-Quality Silicon Manufacturing

Make sure to only outsource your wafer needs from a high-quality silicon manufacturing. At Wafer World, we are dedicated to providing high-quality wafers through meticulous wafer processing. Contact us for inquiries or purchase wafers online!

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