Why is a Silicon Wafer Fragile?


August 19, 2020

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Many people buy silicon wafer because of its excellent properties. Aside from being the 2nd most abundant element on the earth's surface, a silicon wafer is also inexpensive to process. It's also efficient, thermally stable, and makes an excellent semiconductor material for various applications. But it tends to break when not handled properly. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why a silicon wafer is fragile.

Why is a Silicon Wafer so Fragile?

The reason why silicon wafers break so easily has something to do with its material property. The type of silicon material used in semiconductor wafers is single-crystal silicon. This means that all the atoms found in the silicon are meticulously aligned into a single crystal structure. A silicon wafer breaks easily when not handled properly. But apart from that, it's hard and durable. You shouldn't also touch them with your bare hands, since the sodium in your perspiration will affect its quality, causing it to become unusable. To produce a wafer, you need to melt ultra-pure silicon and then slowly pull a single crystal of silicon. Once it's hard, you can now slice wafers from it. The entire process is carried out carefully to prevent any impurity from ruining the quality of the wafer. Single microscopic pollution can cause a dislocation in the growth and affect the crystal structure's alignment. This means that a tiny impurity can create an entire ingot to be rejected. This is also the reason why silicon wafers are pricey. Buy silicon wafer because, although they break easily when not handled properly, they offer many benefits. You can also avoid this problem through proper handling!

where is a place to buy silicon wafer?

Where to Buy Silicon Wafer?

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