Silicon Wafer Manufacturing | What You Need to Know About Manufacturing Silicon


April 5, 2019

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Silicon is considered to be one of the most common elements used in the production of semiconductors. Its qualities also prove that it is one of the best semiconductor material used to create integrated circuits and more. Silicon wafer manufacturing comprises of complex steps to achieve quality wafers. But did you know that a silicon element also goes through its own manufacturing process? Here is the manufacturing process of silicon and what you need to know about it:

Silicon Manufacturing Process

The primary process takes place in a sunken electric arc furnace. It is subjected to high temperatures where silica and coke are being heated. The high temperature causes the silicon to remain and the oxygen to leave.

The Reduction Method

This process takes place for around 6-8 hours while the furnace is continuously loaded with raw materials. Weighed raw materials are put into the furnace using the fume hood or buckets. Electric current is then transferred through the electrodes to form an arc which is positioned on the lid of the furnace. The arc produces heat which melts the materials and results in the formation of silicon and carbon monoxide through the combination of sand and carbon. To decrease the presence of calcium and aluminum impurities, the molten metal will be treated with oxygen and air. Silicon metal usually contains around 98.5-99.9% of silicon with small particles of aluminum, iron, and calcium.

Cooling and Crushing Method

In a pot, oxidized material called a slag is cooled. The silicon metal is also cooled in a big cast iron tray. After cooling, the metal is weighed, placed into a truck, and then kept away in a storage pile. The metal is then sized according to the requested specification. The sizing usually involves using jaw or cone crushers.


In large sacks or wooden boxes, silicon metal is packed weighing around 3,000 lbs. It can also be packed in its powder form weighing around 50 lbs in plastic pails or paper bags.

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