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August 15, 2019

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There are so many processes involved in making a high-quality wafer. Each of which is very important, especially the assembly and testing. These two processes guarantee that the wafers produced are efficient, effective, and not faulty. But not all wafers are made the same. So, make sure to find a silicon wafer supplier you can trust to deliver excellent wafers consistently. To help you understand the significance of wafer assembly and testing, read on.

Wafer Assembly

Wafer assembly is a process which involves placing an integrated circuit inside a package to make it conducive and reliable to use.  Over the years, wafer assembly technology has geared towards the development of smaller, more economical, more trustworthy, and more environment-friendly packages. Some of the uses of wafer packages are the following:

  • Provide ICs with a structure to function in.
  • Protect the ICs from contaminants and the environment.
  • Helps connect the IC to the outside world.
  • Helps enhance the activity of the device.

Assembly Process

  • Die Preparation- slices the wafers into individual ICs or dice.
  • Die Attach- connects the die to the support structure of the package.
  • Bonding- links circuits to the electrical limit of the package to establish a connection with the outside world.
  • Encapsulation- adds support to the package for chemical and physical protection.

Wafer Testing

After assembly, the ICs are ready to use. However, not all assembled devices work. So, to help make sure that the ICs delivered to you are not faulty and of the best quality, it must first go through electrical testing.

Electrical Testing

Electrical testing must be done economically and fast. Therefore, an automated system will handle the testing. The equipment used for testing is tester/ handler systems or automatic test equipment (ATE). The results will then be analyzed to know if it has passed/ failed. After the ICs are tested, the silicon wafer supplier will segregate the good units from the rejected units.

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Where to Find a Silicon Wafer Supplier?

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