How Do Thin Silicon Wafers Help Make Solar Cells More Accessible for Everyone?


September 4, 2020

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Thin silicon wafers make good solar cells. They provide an inexpensive alternative to regular silicon wafers. Despite being cheaper, they do not compromise the efficiency of the solar cells produced. This means solar energy can be made affordable for everybody!

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What Do I Need to Know about Thin Silicon Wafers for Solar Cells?

Silicon Photovoltaic Cells Can Be Brought Down to 40 Micrometers Thick or Less

Currently, the silicon wafers used in photovoltaic cells are 160 micrometers thick. Researchers say that the wafer thickness could be brought down to 100 micrometers through improved handling methods. Some believe that it can even be brought down further to 40 micrometers or less. This means that only ¼ of the current number of wafers used in a solar panel will be necessary.

Thin Wafers Allow an Increase in Manufacturing Capacity of Solar Cells

Now that more wafers can be produced from a single silicon crystal ingot, it'll be easier to make more solar cells. Silicon wafers pave the way for the rapid expansion of solar panel manufacturing. That's because reducing wafer thickness helps get rid of constraints. Examples of manufacturing constraints are time and capital.

There is Little to No Decline in Performance Using Thin Wafers

Various studies show that the wafers' thickness levels do not impact the performance of the solar cells. With today's advanced manufacturing processes, it's possible to produce high-performing, silicon wafers.

Thin Wafers are Cost-Effective

Reducing the size of the wafers can help reduce manufacturing costs. It also means that more wafers can be produced from a single ingot. This will allow manufacturers to save money significantly.

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Looking for Thin Silicon Wafers?

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