Thin Silicon Wafers | How Are Wafers Diced?


September 6, 2017

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Thanks to the rise of power semiconductor ICs for automotive applications as well as a boom in artificial intelligence and MEMS for sensor based applications in environments with high stress or extreme accuracy, thin silicon wafers are taking over the semiconductor industry. In fact, companies both old and new to the silicon wafer game are asking for thinner wafers. But how are wafers able to be diced to thin? There actually are three options: mechanical dicing, laser dicing, and plasma dicing. Keep reading to learn more.

Mechanical Dicing

An initial issue with using mechanical dicing of thinner wafers was that the wafers suffered greatly from backside chipping if they were diced just like a traditional wafer. Luckily, there is now equipment and processes that specifically address the challenges of mechanically dicing thin wafers so that they can be diced with minimal backside chipping.

Laser Dicing

The process of laser dicing was developed to address many of the unique challenges, such as cracks and chips, that come from dicing thin silicon wafers. Laser dicing allows for many variables, or levels, to control and get the desired effect that is not possible with mechanical dicing.

Plasma Dicing

Plasma dicing is the third, and final, option for dicing thin wafers. This form of dicing reduces the challenges of mechanical dicing, such as vibration, as well as the challenges of heat that occur with laser dicing. Furthermore, plasma dicing has additional benefits as well, such as unique geometries to reduce stress on chips.

Where Can I Get Thin Silicon Wafers?

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