Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Double Side Polish Wafers


November 12, 2021

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A double side polish wafer may look fragile, but it offers multiple benefits to manufacturers and developers of semiconductor applications and MEMS devices. This type of wafer is polished on both sides to achieve a specific flatness and a mirror-like surface. We’ve pulled together the top reasons why using these wafers makes sense. 

Double Side Polish Wafer rough polish

Why Should You Choose Double Side Polish Wafers?

Smooth and Mirror-like Finish

Several applications require high-quality wafers with a specific flatness and the absence of haze and particles on their surface. Since double side polish wafers go through several polishing steps, they feature a smooth and mirror-like surface that’s free from traces of roughness or mechanical damage.

Reduced Surface Contamination

Wafers that are polished on both sides have extremely low surface contamination levels. Reduced microroughness and microdamage enhance these wafers’ process flexibility and remove any residual slurry on their surfaces. With double side polish wafers, you can ensure high productivity and improved performance. 


Compared to regular wafers, double side polish wafers are thinner. For this reason, manufacturers can produce more of these wafers with a single ingot. As a result, the cost of producing them is considerably less. 

Better Performance 

Since wafers with high surface contamination levels are inefficient and defective, they’re often associated with poor performance. Double side polish wafers offer better performance than standard wafers thanks to their mirror-like finish that traps fewer unwanted particles or contaminants.

These wafers undergo rigorous polishing techniques that effectively minimize the subsurface damages and stress on their surfaces caused by the previous processes.

Double Side Polish Wafer results

Looking for a Quality Double Side Polish Wafer? 

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