Ultrapure Water for a High-Quality Wafer


September 5, 2021

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While we all know the ins and outs of wafers and semiconductors, how well do you know silicon wafer manufacturing? A significant part of the wafer production process uses water. Without it, silicon wafers wouldn’t be as pure as they need to be for electronic gizmos.

Silicon Wafer Manufacturing

How Much Water Do Wafers Need

The typical plant will consume 4.8 million gallons of water a day. As each layer of semiconductors layer on the wafers, they need a thorough rinse. However, regular tap water isn’t an option. Instead, only ultrapure water (UPW) is suitable.Wafer plants often corral wastewater from plants is often corralled for purification. Since the rinse water is laden with heavy chemicals, wafer producers use reverse osmosis to separate water from chemicals.The cost, effort, and time it takes to transform municipal water to UPW multiplies the price by up to a factor of 20. While the cost is substantial, this process ensures that the water we use doesn’t contaminate our wafers. After all, the function of your products depends on robust semiconductors achievable with highly pure wafers.Processes that involve water:

  • Cooling equipment and HVAC systems
  • Rinsing chips
  • Water etching before lasers became available

Wafer manufacturing today continues to tone down water usage. As of late, breakthroughs propel wafer manufacturing closer to a gas-heavy process where water use is sparing and only for rinsing.Californian companies have been investing in a waterless method for the past decade. While water engulfs 71% of the earth, less than 3% is fresh, drinkable water. Coincidentally, wafers require water devoid of salinity. Due to the increasing shortage of fresh water, waterless production has never been more important.

Silicon Wafer Manufacturing

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