Market Overview of Gallium Arsenide Wafer (GaAs) 


October 14, 2022

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During the forecast period, the gallium arsenide GaAs wafers market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 12.5%. GaAs are frequently used in electronics, including the production of semiconductors. Due to regulating this compound's price, gallium arsenide (GaAs) wafer producers will have more excellent expansion opportunities. If you want to know the status of GaAs wafers in the market today, here's an overview to help you.

GaAs Wafer for modern equipment

Critical Factors in the Growth of GaAs

Modern Tools and Equipment  

The rising use of smartphones and the expanding use of light-emitting diodes (LED) in general illumination are the key growth factors for this market. Another leading cause of the market trend has been the development of modern communication equipment. GaAs-based ICs in high-frequency communication devices are in high demand due to the technology.  

Additionally, as more businesses upgrade their communication infrastructure, the demand for devices based on GaAs will rise, spurring the market for GaAs wafers to expand in the years to come.  

Mixed Industries

GaAs wafer demand is rising because of the growing need for GaAs devices across various end-user industries, including aerospace & military, electronics, and communications. The increasing usage of 4G and 5G networks globally is also a key driver propelling the growth of the GaAs wafer market.    

GaAs Production Drawbacks  

While steadily increasing and expanding, this wafer has its share of drawbacks. The GaAs wafer market is constrained by its high production cost. Its high cost is a serious disadvantage, which accounts for its limited use.  

Fortunately, engineers and scientists have developed new techniques for producing thin films of inexpensive gallium arsenide to make devices that would replace silicon, boosting the effectiveness of photovoltaic cells.  

GaAs Wafer

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