How COVID-19 has Affected the Supply and Demand of Semiconductors


August 4, 2020

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No industry is unaffected by the impacts of the coronavirus, including the semiconductor industry. The spread of the virus forced silicon wafer suppliers across the globe to temporarily stop operations. The current restriction protocols and preventive measures being implemented are also changing the flow of operations in factories, but these are necessary to ensure everyone's safety. In this article, we will discuss how COVID-19 has affected the supply and demand for semiconductors.

How has COVID-19 affected the Supply and Demand of Semiconductors?


There was a decrease in semiconductor production during January and February because of lockdown restrictions implemented in China. As the virus spread to other countries, like Japan, Italy, Germany, France, South Korea, and the U.S., the production further decreased. Now that limitations are slowly being lifted, it is expected that global production will slowly go back to normal. Several experts say that we are possibly facing the worst financial crisis in history, but semiconductor stocks show signs of exemption.


A silicon wafer supplier continues to produce semiconductors despite the expected decrease in demand for smartphones and other gadgets by the end of 2020 because of this pandemic. This is because the demand for ASICS, sensors, medical equipment, and other applications that utilize chips are still steady. But several analysts say that during post-COVID recovery, consumer electronics' needs will be back to normal since people are more likely to invest in gadgets rather than travel because of fear. This is when people are more inclined to buy new vehicles, cellphones, televisions, and other devices.

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