Smooth Foundations: Double-Side Polish Wafers


August 16, 2023

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In the realm of semiconductor manufacturing, precision is key. Double-side polish wafers are a vital component in this industry, serving as the foundation for creating integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices. These wafers undergo a meticulous process to achieve the desired smoothness and thickness required for efficient electronic performance. In this short guide, we'll look at the relevance of double-side polished wafers and how they're made.

Double side polish wafer finished product.

What are Double-Side Polished Wafers?  

Double-side polish wafers are thin, circular slices of semiconductor materials, typically made of silicon. They have a highly polished surface on both sides, which ensures uniformity and minimizes thickness variations. The smoothness of the wafer is critical for the lithography, etching, and deposition procedures that create intricate designs of integrated circuits.

Manufacturing Process

The production of double-side polish wafers involves multiple steps to achieve the desired characteristics:

  • Ingot Growth: First, high-purity silicon is melted and grown into a cylindrical ingot. The ingot is then sliced into thin wafers using wire saws.
  • Lapping: To remove surface damage and irregularities caused during slicing, mechanical lapping is performed. This step creates a flat and uniform surface.
  • Double-Side Polishing: The lapping-prepared wafers then undertake a chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) procedure. This process uses a slurry containing abrasive particles and chemicals to polish both sides simultaneously. CMP ensures precise thickness and smoothness, measured in Angstroms.
  • Cleaning and Inspection: After polishing, the wafers undergo thorough cleaning to remove any residues. They are then subjected to rigorous inspections to ensure they meet quality standards.


Double-side polished wafers are used in a variety of semiconductor devices such as microprocessors, memory chips, and sensors. Their high precision and low defect density are essential for optimizing device performance.

Double side polish wafer being made to be shipped.

Do You Need Double Side Polish Wafers?

Double-side polish wafers are essential in semiconductor fabrication because they provide a smooth and consistent surface for the construction of modern electrical devices. Their accuracy and dependability make them crucial in the development of cutting-edge technologies. As the semiconductor industry continues to move forward, double-side polished wafers will remain an central part of Wafer World, enabling the creation of quicker, more powerful, and energy-efficient electronic devices. Call us today!

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