The Benefits of Using GaAs Reclaim Wafers


June 4, 2020

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GaAs reclaim wafers can be used as a test wafer for various applications, including equipment testing and other uses that require many wafers. What’s excellent about GaAs, compared to other semiconductor material, is that it has higher efficiency, excellent heat and moisture resistance, and superior flexibility and size, which makes it an excellent option for various high-power devices. In this article, we will discuss the different benefits of using GaAs reclaim wafers.

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What are the Benefits of Using GaAs Reclaim Wafers?

GaAs’s Electronic Properties are More Superior Compared to Silicon’s

GaAs has higher electron mobility and saturated electron velocity, which allows gallium arsenide transistors to function at very high frequencies-exceeding 250 GHz.

High Heat and Moisture Resistivity

GaAs reclaim wafers, just like virgin wafers, have a broad energy bandgap, which makes them highly resistive to moisture and heat, so they’re less likely to overheat. This makes them suitable for high-power applications. They also tend to create less disturbance in an electrical signal in electronic circuits.

Suitable for Satellite Communications and Other High-Frequency Radar Systems

Because of its low resistive device parasitic and higher carrier mobilities, it makes an excellent semiconductor material for satellite communications, mobile phones, and microwave point-to-point links.

Resistant to Radiation Damage

GaAs is highly resistive to radiation damage, which makes it an excellent material for optical windows in high power devices and outer space electronics.

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Looking for GaAs Reclaim Wafers?

GaAs can be used for various high power and high-frequency applications because of their superior characteristics. When reclaimed to be used as a test wafer, guaranteed that it will deliver the same efficiency and efficacy at a fraction of its cost. GaAs reclaim wafers have certain limits, but these limitations are considered to be a good thing since many consumer electronics follow a planned obsolescence cycle. At Wafer World, we offer high-quality GaAs wafers at a reasonable price. Contact us for inquires!

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