What Is a Die?


March 21, 2022

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How do wafers get turned into integrated circuits? To best understand the silicon manufacturing process, it’s important to understand dice, wafers, and integrated circuits.

Today, we’ll answer some of the biggest questions you may have about dice. Specifically, we’ll discuss what a die is, as well as what makes it different than a wafer or integrated circuit.

final product of the silicon manufacturing process

What Is a Die?

The die is the material that the circuit is made on. In the context of silicon wafers, it’s going to be made of silicon.

Dice are an especially important part of the manufacturing process because they allow for quality control. Each die is tested to ensure it works as intended. Whenever a die doesn’t work correctly, it’s scrapped during this point in the process.

What Is the Difference Between a Die, a Wafer, and an Integrated Circuit?

A die, wafer, and integrated circuit all refer to different parts of the wafer manufacturing process:

  • First, a wafer is created. This is the shape that the silicon originally takes when it’s grown from an ingot. There are many different circuits on one wafer.
  • Then, the wafer is turned into various dice, each of which has a circuit on it. These dice are cut into individual pieces.
  • After, you package it and turn it into an integrated circuit. This integrated circuit can then be put in a variety of devices, including phones, automobiles, and more.

While integrated circuits are the final product, they need to go through the manufacturing process.  

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