Why Do INP Wafers Become Thinner After Reclaiming?


October 21, 2020

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Performance-wise INP reclaim wafers are just like virgin wafers. However, their only difference is thickness.  INP reclaim wafers are thinner because of the many processes they go through before being used again.Reclaiming is all about removing unwanted materials on wafers’ surfaces using a combination of dry and wet techniques. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss why INP wafers become thinner after reclaiming?

What are INP Reclaim Wafers?

What are The Different Processes INP Wafers Go Through during Reclaiming that Contributes to its Thinness?

Resist Stripping

Resist stripping is the method of removing unwanted photoresist layers on a wafer’s surface as fast as possible. This technique prevents the chemicals used from attacking any surface materials beneath the resist. Accordingly, there are different types of resist stripping and they can be classified into the following:

  • Organic Stripping
  • Inorganic Stripping
  • Dry Stripping

Chemical Stripping

Chemical stripping can get rid of chemically bonded films of contaminant materials. It is performed using a series of acid and rinse baths. Therefore, chemical stripping consists of the following steps:

Elimination of Particulates

The presence of insoluble contaminants on wafers is a common problem. Therefore, it’s important to get rid of them because they affect the quality and performance of the wafer. There are two primary techniques used for removing insoluble contaminants from a wafer:

  • Ultrasonic Scrubbing
  • Mechanical Scrubbing


Polishing is the process of creating thinner yet stronger INP reclaim wafers. During, it removes stresses brought about from the previous steps. Also, it helps prevent warping, which strengthens wafers. Thus, polishing produces thinner wafers compared to back grinding.

What are INP Reclaim Wafers?

Looking for INP Reclaim Wafers?

Resist stripping, chemical stripping, elimination of particulates, and polishing cause INP wafers to become thinner during reclaiming. Finally, at Wafer World, we offer high-quality wafers at a reasonable price. Contact us for inquiries!

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