4 Different Silicon Wafer Grades, InP Reclaim Wafers, & Their Applications


March 3, 2020

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Silicon wafers are available in a variety of grades, from prime grade wafers to InP reclaim wafers—they’re classified according to their quality. Each grade of silicon also has its properties and applications. We can provide a breakdown here for the different silicon wafer grades and each of their applications.

What are inp reclaim wafers?

What are Different Silicon Wafer Grades & Applications?

Prime Grade

Prime grade wafers can be used for everything, from producing semiconductor devices to building electronic devices. They’re the highest grade of silicon wafers. They’re also known as “Device-quality” because of their ability to offer strict resistivity specs, excellent quality, extended lifespan, and the highly polished and clean wafer surface. They're more expensive compared to other types of grades, but their quality and performance justify their cost.

Test Grade

Test grade wafers can be used for researches that require inexpensive silicon. It can also be used for a variety of purposes including equipment testing, monitoring, and testing and managing the control of semiconductor production lines and processes. Test grade wafers are also referred to as monitor grade wafers. What’s great about them is that they’re affordable.

Mechanical Grade

Mechanical grade wafers are used for numerous purposes including equipment testing, training, and spin coating. They're considered to be the lowest quality wafer, but it still works great for its designated applications.

Reclaimed Grade

There are different types of reclaimed grade wafers, including InP reclaim wafers and GaAs reclaim wafers. Reclaim wafers are prime grade wafers that have been cleaned and reprocessed to be used for another purpose. Reclaimed grade wafers offer the same benefits and performance as prime grade wafers do, except that they’re thinner and cheaper. They’re also suitable for many uses and applications.

Where to get inp reclaim wafers?

Looking for InP Reclaim Wafers?

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