Double Side Polish Wafer | Wafer Polishing and Why It’s Necessary


December 16, 2019

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Wafer polishing is an essential part of silicon wafer manufacturing. This process helps ensure that the wafers have a mirror-like finish and are free from defects. Wafer polishing also helps create a stronger, thinner, and more pliable double side polish wafer. In this article, we will discuss to you what you need to know about wafer polishing and why it’s necessary:

Why Are Wafers Polished?

Wafers are produced from ingots that go through slicing, grinding, polishing, and cleaning processes. The main reason why wafers go through polishing is that polishing helps remove defective layers that have been produced during the grinding process. The surface damage present on wafers that are caused by grinding can go up to a few microns deep. This negatively affects the quality and performance of the wafers, causing a lot of problems when used. Good thing, polishing can get rid of peaks, valleys, and other defects.

What Polishing Accomplishes

Polishing also helps achieve a mirror-like, flat, defect-free, and uncontaminated wafers surface. Wafer polishing also creates thinner wafers compared to wafers produced through the backgrinding method alone. It also removes stresses and hinders warping, creating stronger wafers. Polishing also helps get rid of any uneven points or surfaces caused by sub-micron level wiring that utilizes multiple layers of the wafer.

What Materials Are Used to Polish the Wafer?

The wafer polishing process involves the use of the following materials: polishing pads, diamond liquid slurry, and a vacuum carrier. The process begins with a wafer being held in place by a vacuum carrier so that the wafer's backside is exposed. The wafer will then be slowly put in contact with a rotating platen that is covered with a polishing pad. Using the calculated and precise force, damaged layers are cautiously removed, producing a double side polish wafer.

what is a double side polish wafer?

Looking for a Double Side Polish Wafer?

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