Wafer Polishing: A Guide


February 21, 2022

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At Wafer World, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our clients get the highest quality silicon wafers. That’s why we offer double side polish wafers - wafers that are polished on both sides.

Why is this so important? Learn what you need to know.  

person holding a double side polish wafer

What Is the Purpose of Polishing?

As we’ve previously discussed on this blog, wafers are sensitive to imperfections. Even a tiny flaw can impact performance. Any visually apparent damage is likely going to make the wafer unusable.

When we polish the wafer, we’re removing any defects or contaminants that the wafer has. This ensures that it’s ready to be used in a device. The polishing process also allows us to make the wafers thinner, which is important, given the fact that consumers increasingly want smaller devices.

The Polishing Process

To polish wafers, we:

  1. Apply diamond liquid slurry to polishing pads.
  1. Use a vacuum carrier to hold the wafer.
  1. Place the polishing pads on a rotating plate.

The plate applies the polishing pads, which ensures that any imperfections are removed. The circular nature of wafers helps as well. This is the best shape for spinning the wafer and ensuring that the polish is applied evenly throughout the wafer’s surface.

What If Any Damage Occurs After the Polishing Process?

Our facility is designed to ensure that airborne particles don’t make contact with the wafer. They become especially problematic once the wafer has been polished.

researcher inspecting a double side polish wafer

Looking for a Double Side Polish Wafer?

You’ve come to the right place! For decades, Wafer World has been working with clients to help them find the perfect wafers. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility works with all kinds of materials: silicon, germanium, InP, and more.

Whether you have any questions you’d like to ask or you’d like to get a free quote on a wafer that you can't find on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help business owners find the wafers that can increase their computing power.

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